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    LutaWolf's read of Ladywolfes


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    LutaWolf's read of Ladywolfes Empty LutaWolf's read of Ladywolfes

    Post by Mystical_Lady on Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:38 pm

    2009-10-05 01:27:56 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: okay before you come to earth you make a contract detail what you will work on in this life... I walk to the otherside and read this.... but it is your chose if you want me to or not hun
    2009-10-05 01:28:30 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: its ok go for it
    2009-10-05 01:29:26 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: at any time you want me to stop the read feel free too
    2009-10-05 01:29:42 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:31:23 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: okay I know that this is off beat hun but do you have a freakle on your hip??
    2009-10-05 01:31:41 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: like closer to the inside
    2009-10-05 01:31:48 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: not sure
    2009-10-05 01:32:00 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: I want to call it a mole because it's not small but it's not a mole either because it's not raised
    2009-10-05 01:32:13 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:32:27 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: yes or no hun?
    2009-10-05 01:32:52 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: no
    2009-10-05 01:33:56 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: sorry guys give me a min my child pick this time to want loving
    2009-10-05 01:35:32 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: okay hun I'm picking up a freckle on the hip and I'm picking up a childhood that wasn't that great... but if this doesn't match you then I'm not picking up on you hun
    2009-10-05 01:36:09 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: let me see its dark cause i sharea room with my mom and nice
    2009-10-05 01:36:32 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok i have 2 sorry
    2009-10-05 01:36:59 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: it's okay hun hugs... I just won't move on with a read if my validations don't match
    2009-10-05 01:37:17 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: okay lets move on then
    2009-10-05 01:37:19 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:37:50 [Message] reWOLFnoom -> Reading Room: i got drawn bk
    2009-10-05 01:38:31 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: okay I'm seeing that the hardest thing for you to over come is your past
    2009-10-05 01:38:50 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: you have a tendency to want to know what or how you could have done better
    2009-10-05 01:38:55 [Logout] reWOLFnoom
    2009-10-05 01:38:59 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: so you tend to dwell
    2009-10-05 01:39:28 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: this is one of the main reasons you have come back to learn in this life
    2009-10-05 01:39:36 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: to move and push yourself forward
    2009-10-05 01:40:03 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:40:46 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: this is hard because your theme is Harmonoy
    2009-10-05 01:42:07 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: which means that balance is important to to you, and you'll go to any length to maintain in.. you will even personally sacrifice if it means others around you are at harmony
    2009-10-05 01:42:24 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: is this you, yes or no?
    2009-10-05 01:42:30 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: yes
    2009-10-05 01:43:26 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: okay the goal to remember with this theme is that you have to learn that not everything can be balanced by you, at some point in our lives we have to learn to be okay with what we can't change, we have to learn to adapt
    2009-10-05 01:43:47 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: true
    2009-10-05 01:44:10 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: your theme fits well with your personality which is a care taker
    2009-10-05 01:44:42 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: you love to take care of others, it litterally makes you feel good and usefull where others wear out
    2009-10-05 01:45:32 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: yes
    2009-10-05 01:46:00 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: what I worry about is that you forget to take care of yourself
    2009-10-05 01:46:16 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: you have a tendency to think yes I will have time to get to that later
    2009-10-05 01:46:20 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: when it comes to yourself
    2009-10-05 01:46:36 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: and then you forget about it
    2009-10-05 01:46:48 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: true
    2009-10-05 01:47:49 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: unselfishness is a great trait but we also have to take care of us in order to take care of everyone else around us.. unless we show love to ourselves, our spirits whither and you start to see low selfesteem and doubt
    2009-10-05 01:47:54 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: do you understand?
    2009-10-05 01:48:16 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: yes i do
    2009-10-05 01:48:32 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: okay hugs hun, now is your turns to ask questions
    2009-10-05 01:48:37 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: is there anything you want to know?
    2009-10-05 01:49:35 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: why is it hard for me right now to move on , i feel stuck
    2009-10-05 01:49:56 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: like you have a button in your head replaying a video
    2009-10-05 01:49:59 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: yeah I know
    2009-10-05 01:50:14 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: what you need to do is find a way to visually break that video
    2009-10-05 01:50:23 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:50:32 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: first when you start seeing it... imagian that you can eject the tape from your head
    2009-10-05 01:50:42 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: i need to be happy andi am not happy
    2009-10-05 01:50:42 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: and the tape comes out.. throw it away
    2009-10-05 01:50:48 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:51:02 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: now we start working on the part about you taking care of yourself
    2009-10-05 01:51:25 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: you stay busy taking care of others to an extreem because you are afraid to have a chance to think
    2009-10-05 01:51:34 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: pick a passion
    2009-10-05 01:51:48 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: writing, drawing, making something, anything
    2009-10-05 01:52:00 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: find a passion that will release what you are pinting up
    2009-10-05 01:52:09 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:52:12 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: but at the same time not allow you to dwell unhealthly
    2009-10-05 01:52:23 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:52:30 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: sounds weird
    2009-10-05 01:52:40 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: no it doesnt
    2009-10-05 01:53:10 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: but sometimes it's not a good idea to go head to head with a past left better in the past
    2009-10-05 01:53:24 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: but still somehow you have confront it in your own way
    2009-10-05 01:53:37 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: yes
    2009-10-05 01:53:38 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: I've learned that any kind of art will help you to do that
    2009-10-05 01:53:51 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: even if it's not amazing
    2009-10-05 01:54:00 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: you should see some of the sculptures I've done
    2009-10-05 01:54:01 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: ugh
    2009-10-05 01:54:12 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: but the point is, it got what I wanted out
    2009-10-05 01:54:38 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: ok
    2009-10-05 01:54:44 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: hugs
    2009-10-05 01:54:48 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: anything else hun?
    2009-10-05 01:55:08 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: will i be happy later on
    2009-10-05 01:56:23 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: that is a road you have to chose but I feel your commited to it... the roads I'm seeing for your future are good, not easy but good
    2009-10-05 01:56:34 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: and so what if it's not easy, you have us to help you hugs
    2009-10-05 01:56:47 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: true ty hugs
    2009-10-05 01:56:56 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: you won't ever be wealthy
    2009-10-05 01:57:08 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: I feel that I should warn you about that for some reason
    2009-10-05 01:57:17 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: but you will reach an emotional happiness
    2009-10-05 01:57:28 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: good ok
    2009-10-05 01:57:33 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: hugs hugs
    2009-10-05 01:57:40 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: thank you for letting me read you hun
    2009-10-05 01:57:45 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: hugss and ty
    2009-10-05 01:57:57 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: yw ty for it hugs
    2009-10-05 01:57:58 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: for allowing me to be the vessel
    2009-10-05 01:58:27 [Message] ladywolfes -> Reading Room: anytime and you helped me alot understand hugs
    2009-10-05 01:58:38 [Message] LutaWolf -> Reading Room: yay

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