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    Light and Dark's Reads of Stubinz

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    Light and Dark's Reads of Stubinz Empty Light and Dark's Reads of Stubinz

    Post by Light and Dark on Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:43 pm

    [Light and Dark] okay. First. I want to ask you for the permission, Stubinz
    [Light and Dark] may I have ur permission?
    [Stubinz] You have my permission.
    [Light and Dark] ok ty

    [Light and Dark] okay. I feel mostly green from you. Green shows me that you are trying to acheive your goals as well. and also I feel that when you are around people, and when People talks to you. You feel different. and when you are alone. you feel different too. there is 2 different feelings that you have when u are alone and when people talking to you. I feel that you are not sure if they are really understanding you. and you want a person that who understands you, and so you can have good friend. and when you are alone... I sort of feel little depressed, and so much things on your mind.

    [Light and Dark] and When people trys to get to know you.... you trying to tell them... but some reasons ur mouth is like shut.... in a way. its like ur hearts is close in a way. and if they want to get to know u... They have to earn it.

    [Light and Dark] understand so far?

    [Stubinz] Yes.

    [Light and Dark] and the reason why your mouth is shut and u really want to tell them about yourself... but you are not sure if they can be trusted or not.
    [Light and Dark] and thats why they have to earn it to get to know you... and which thats challenging for them as well

    [Light and Dark] and I feel you should try to be more postive... I sort of feel its not good feeling when u having things on ur mind. Its not very positive in a way.

    [Light and Dark] and I feel you should trying to get out more... and try to be little more open with your heart. but no1 is forcing you tho. take your time, but you know you are part of this family, and we do truely care about you

    [Light and Dark] understand so far?

    [Stubinz] All I can say is wow   I find it amazing that you can read that from me.
    [Stubinz] Yes, I do understand

    [Light and Dark] okay good. Smile  and honestly I can feel that you are good person, and truely sensitive. because you do have a soft heart. and I believe you been hurt a lot.... You dont like being hurt, and doesnt like being taken adventage of.

    Stubinz] You are correct.

    [Light and Dark] but dont worry. The people here, and this site is wonderful, and there is will be a lot of things you can learn, and This is very good family and we are glad to have you, and you will be glad to have us. we do care about you. and since I know there is not very much people that can be there for you, but you know what. We can be here for you, and you have us. I would give you a hugs

    [Stubinz] That is simply incredible...
    [Stubinz] I am glad to be apart of this family.

    [Light and Dark] and all I can say is.... that you should try to clear your thought, and try to be postive. try something that clears your mind up. like Meditation or any way that sooths you and calm you down. and needs some grounding like walk around outside, etc... and try to be open with us. but take your time tho. no1 is forcing you tho. and if you need us. we always be here for you

    [Stubinz] I stayed pretty well skeptical about this. But this truly proves to me that it can work well.

    [Light and Dark] hahaha. Well, I have some doubts to what I can do. so yes. I understand that too   and oh also I forgot to tell you something. but remember this... You should take care of yourself, and The number 1 is you.... I feel like you are like paying attention to other things than yourself. but pay attention to yourself, and what you should do and what to do with your life. dont forget that

    [Stubinz] hugs lol Yes, I do put other things such as friends and family before myself.

    Light and Dark] Thats all I want to say for you. Thank you for letting me read you, Stubinz. hugs
    [Stubinz] And thank you for performing it. Smile

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