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    Kara's Reading by Batty1966

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    Kara's Reading by Batty1966 Empty Kara's Reading by Batty1966

    Post by Light and Dark on Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:56 am

    2:10 AM [Batty1966] ok
    2:10 AM [Batty1966] do i have ur permisson ?
    2:11 AM [kara] yes
    2:11 AM [Batty1966] ok here goes like i said yesterday i will start with wat they give me and if u have any questions then i will give u wat they give me ok??
    2:12 AM [kara] ok
    2:12 AM [Batty1966] they said the lack of control is affecting u
    2:13 AM [Batty1966] movement is very frustrating as its very slow
    2:14 AM [Batty1966] u are feeling hounded from all angles
    2:14 AM [Batty1966] no escape
    2:14 AM [kara] yes
    2:15 AM [Batty1966] ok being told that in ur past u could escape in ur mind
    2:15 AM [Batty1966] cant now
    2:15 AM [Batty1966] at this time
    2:15 AM [Batty1966] im being told about a gared
    2:16 AM [Batty1966] sorry typo
    2:16 AM [kara] its ok
    2:16 AM [Batty1966] being told about a garden
    2:16 AM [Batty1966] they are showing me loads of colours of flowers not sure wat the are just all of the colours
    2:17 AM [Batty1966] ok feels more like a vision place more than a real one
    2:17 AM [kara] ok
    2:17 AM [Batty1966] however in a sense it is real
    2:18 AM [Batty1966] they are showing me u in this place just stood looking around
    2:18 AM [Batty1966] like ur day dreaming
    2:19 AM [Batty1966] the thing is kara i do feel u have been there, although u dont feel u have
    2:19 AM [kara] yes
    2:20 AM [Batty1966] thats why i say vision not real u understand
    2:20 AM [kara] yes
    2:20 AM [Batty1966] being told to say garden of peace
    2:21 AM [Batty1966] ok i see a block like someone has blocked ur way
    2:21 AM [Batty1966] this isnt ur block it comes from another source
    2:22 AM [kara] ok
    2:22 AM [Batty1966] and about something going around and around all the time
    2:22 AM [Batty1966] the said a clock going around and around
    2:22 AM [Batty1966] like clock watching
    2:23 AM [Batty1966] its all about the time
    2:23 AM [Batty1966] this time that time ur time
    2:23 AM [Batty1966] ok i think u get the message about time
    2:24 AM [kara] sorry im a bit lost
    2:25 AM [Batty1966] ok the time is important i have no idea why just is
    2:25 AM [kara] ok
    2:26 AM [Batty1966] now they are showing me past things.. they said that all u ever wanted was to be able to do the simple things in life
    2:27 AM [kara] yes
    2:27 AM [Batty1966] just to be left to do it
    2:27 AM [kara] yes
    2:27 AM [Batty1966] they said about travelling for real as well
    2:28 AM [Batty1966] to see other places
    2:28 AM [Batty1966] to meet other ppl
    2:28 AM [Batty1966] a basic wish to just live
    2:28 AM [kara] yes
    2:29 AM [Batty1966] and to be left to live is wat they are saying
    2:29 AM [kara] yes
    2:30 AM [Batty1966] ur heart is all a flutter at the moment
    2:30 AM [Batty1966] although u aint so sure
    2:30 AM [kara] flutter?
    2:31 AM [Batty1966] like butterfly kind of thing..
    2:31 AM [kara] yes
    2:31 AM [Batty1966] its like u wanna say more ,but u stop urself
    2:32 AM [Batty1966] i feel ur self doubts about u come into play
    2:32 AM [Batty1966] why would he sort of thing
    2:32 AM [Batty1966] wat if etc
    2:33 AM [kara] yes
    2:33 AM [Batty1966] they said to take a step forward
    2:34 AM [Batty1966] u know thats wat is needed
    2:34 AM [Batty1966] its u holding back
    2:35 AM [Batty1966] but they said we know its up to u
    2:35 AM [kara] ok
    2:36 AM [Batty1966] ok they say the wat if is ok although we will turn it around and say wat if u dont
    2:36 AM [kara] ok
    2:37 AM [Batty1966] also they have been saying all along that absences makes the heart grow fonder
    2:38 AM [kara] ok
    2:38 AM [Batty1966] they like the word time with u thats for sure
    2:39 AM [Batty1966] time to step out there
    2:39 AM [kara] ok
    2:40 AM [Batty1966] ok they are telling to say u need to ask us more
    2:40 AM [Batty1966] as in guidiance
    2:41 AM [Batty1966] we are waiting they said
    2:41 AM [Batty1966] u dont ask and u need to
    2:41 AM [Batty1966] letting going of ur past isnt a weakness its a strength as u have recovered from it
    2:42 AM [kara] alright
    2:43 AM [Batty1966] ok any questions
    2:43 AM [kara] when they say guidiance
    2:43 AM [kara] gudiance in what?
    2:44 AM [Batty1966] well in anything ..they will give an answer
    2:45 AM [Batty1966] u see they know that u dont like to ask for help..they know u want to be independant kara
    2:46 AM [Batty1966] they are u guides and they are there too
    2:46 AM [kara] ok
    2:46 AM [Batty1966] ur guides are there for u
    2:46 AM [kara] i was confused about the garden cause i don't remember
    2:47 AM [Batty1966] i know they showed me and i told u
    2:47 AM [Batty1966] i felt it a place u had been
    2:47 AM [kara] i do remember it a little but not alot
    2:48 AM [Batty1966] Wink
    2:48 AM [Batty1966] anything u wanna know before they go?
    2:50 AM [Batty1966] ok thats all they are stepping back.. just remember kara we are there
    2:51 AM [kara] ok
    2:51 AM [kara] bye hugs  
    2:51 AM [Batty1966]  bye hugs 

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