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    Light and Dark's read for Kensei


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    Light and Dark's read for Kensei Empty Light and Dark's read for Kensei

    Post by Mystical_Lady on Tue Dec 08, 2009 6:59 pm

    "2009-12-06","15:36:17","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]okay. I will try. I am just going to the aura reading then"
    "2009-12-06","15:36:28","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]ok"
    "2009-12-06","15:38:50","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]Kensei. I feel blue from you. Its close to inner tho. Its somewhere in outerlevel, but Its telling me that You are curious about things, and of whats going in your life. and also its tells me that You do listen and Watch. such as observer as well, and also you do aware of some things around you. and learning more about yourself. 2009-12-06","15:39:36","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]cool ok"
    "2009-12-06","15:44:14","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]and also its shows me that You are in good mood today, and been having so many thoughts on your mind today. and its shows me that You like being outgoing, and walks around nature. I feel thats one of the thing that you would enjoy. and you feel like there is something you should do. but not sure, and I feel you do want to explore around the world. and things you want to learn."
    2009-12-06","15:51:14","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]okay. your inner is red to me. Red shows me that You are passionate person. and You have a lot of love to give for. You would do anything for someone when they are down, and Since Its funny that I can feel you are attracting to Celestra in some way, and Its feels like you want to protect her so much and so bad lol. Its like saying you would do anything for this person. and also its shows that you are one of the supportive nurturer caretake. and Sensitive as well."
    "2009-12-06","15:52:32","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]you said she is getting attraction for me or im attractin her"
    "2009-12-06","15:53:42","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]you are attracting to her because her energy is so strong, and shes attracting to you because you are one of the person that support to her. Whatever she attracts to good people and those people are supportive ones. "
    "2009-12-06","15:54:05","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]you attracted to her because you feel you need to help her."
    "2009-12-06","15:54:44","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]hows my energy compared to hers"
    "2009-12-06","15:56:28","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]well, Its has nothing to do with comparing, and Both of you seem similar in some ways. and Celestra is just... more sensitive. Its really hard to explain tho, but you are there for her, to help her when shes not aware of something. "
    2009-12-06","15:57:49","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]when you see her you should mention these insights to her"
    "2009-12-06","15:58:08","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]Wink "
    "2009-12-06","15:59:34","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]and also Red shows me that you are trying to work things out with yourself, and you give a lot of loves to others more than yourself, but remember You need to care of yourself too. Its like saying you put others first than yourself. "
    "2009-12-06","15:59:56","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]sometimes i do"
    "2009-12-06","16:00:26","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]its part of the change im trying to make, giving others without expecting nothing in return"
    2009-12-06","16:02:19","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]Well, You are just trying to change of things to be better person that you can be. you are just doing the best as you can. but you know Things can unpredictable, and things can changed a lot when you are through some situations. and Its all part of learning and experiences."
    "2009-12-06","16:02:49","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]true"
    2009-12-06","16:06:20","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]and also I want to tell you that trying to follow with your instincts. and dont doubt the first impression you get. I mean You are doing well in most of things. way to go! lol"
    "2009-12-06","16:06:50","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]and also try to slow things down too, Kensei"
    2009-12-06","16:07:59","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]no rushing, and you will be fine. you know you are on right track. Wink"
    "2009-12-06","16:08:05","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]hahaha"
    "2009-12-06","16:08:10","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]yes i rush too much"
    "2009-12-06","16:08:22","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]i always said that the true scarcity in life is time"
    "2009-12-06","16:08:40","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]thats why it seems i rush too much"
    "2009-12-06","16:09:10","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]Yeah. Rushing is not good. I think Slow is the best way. so it wont get all confusing, and blah blah rofl rofl lol"
    "2009-12-06","16:09:53","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]yeah i need to just go with the flow, im trying to do that with celestra"
    "2009-12-06","16:10:04","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]:} "
    "2009-12-06","16:10:39","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]Yes. be patient. I feel you are trying to understand her. and which I can feel you have understand a lot of things about her. but try to be patients, and it will come to you with some of things in time"
    "2009-12-06","16:12:02","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]yeah, you should read her too some time hahaha"
    "2009-12-06","16:12:48","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]lol I might when I feel drawn. Razz and you are good and supportive friend to her. so keep it up Wink"
    "2009-12-06","16:14:08","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]cough, i dont like to think in friend terms lol"
    "2009-12-06","16:14:12","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]lol"
    "2009-12-06","16:14:15","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]lol"
    "2009-12-06","16:15:10","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]Well, You are very close to her. so yeah lol"
    "2009-12-06","16:15:10","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]she even doesnt like me to say that word"
    "2009-12-06","16:16:58","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]hahahahaha. Shes can be like that. and Since shes close to you. so she does play with you sometimes lol"
    "2009-12-06","16:17:28","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]Light and Dark] hahahahaha. Shes can be like that. and Since shes close to you. so she does play with you sometimes "
    "2009-12-06","16:17:34","5","Message","Kensei","Reading Room","[b]u yeah we have so much fun always"
    "2009-12-06","16:17:51","5","Message","Light and Dark","Reading Room","[b]Thats good tho. and I think I am done here lol"

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