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    Verna's read of Tara


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    Verna's read of Tara Empty Verna's read of Tara

    Post by Mystical_Lady on Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:25 pm

    [Verna (Caden)] Tara i am getting that you are a dark haired lady, medium to tall height
    [Verna (Caden)] your often quiet but friendly
    [Verna (Caden)] A day dreamer
    [Verna (Caden)] y/n to any of that?
    [Tara] Yes. Yes, yes.
    [Verna (Caden)] ok good
    [Verna (Caden)] Now u live in a house with 1 or 2 other people?
    [Tara] Yes
    [Verna (Caden)] and a pet?
    [Tara] Yes.
    [Verna (Caden)] I wanna say its a cat
    [Tara] Yes..
    [Verna (Caden)] alright
    [Verna (Caden)] I got the right person
    [Verna (Caden)] Now that we know its you
    [Verna (Caden)] there are two spreads i can do
    [Verna (Caden)] one which is 3 card past-pres-future spread
    [Verna (Caden)] and one days of the week mon-sun
    [Verna (Caden)] which one?
    [Tara] Days of the week.
    [Verna (Caden)] ok
    [Verna (Caden)] shuffling...
    [Verna (Caden)] Monday
    [Verna (Caden)] I see a bit of a power struggle
    [Verna (Caden)] subtle but existant
    [Verna (Caden)] a bit of a feud
    [Verna (Caden)] ?
    [Tara] yes
    [Verna (Caden)] Tuesday it continues. Showing resentment, lack of maturity
    [Verna (Caden)] generally kept quiet but the evil eyes!
    [Verna (Caden)] you wanted to approach this person and start a scene
    [Verna (Caden)] ?
    [Tara] yes
    [Verna (Caden)] wednesday hmmm
    [Verna (Caden)] its consumed you a bit but at the same time your cooling down
    Verna (Caden)] you daydream of war strategies
    [Verna (Caden)] but deep down you know you do not have the heart to do such things
    [Verna (Caden)] thursday you are content, you live with what ya got and ya need to appreciate it more
    [Verna (Caden)] you move on but secretly you dont forgive
    [Verna (Caden)] friday hmmm
    [Verna (Caden)] you try hard to show this person you are fine and what happened didnt slow you down
    [Verna (Caden)] you are competative but not for the right reasons
    [Verna (Caden)] by saturday you get kind of a big head so to speak
    [Verna (Caden)] you praise yourself for not sinking so low but you still want to see them humbled
    [Verna (Caden)] you know you must move on but at the same rate you use moving on to place yourself above the competition
    [Verna (Caden)] the other fighter
    [Verna (Caden)] by sunday you will have realized the reality of the situation
    [Verna (Caden)] you get emotional
    [Verna (Caden)] u may still feel competitive but things will go smoother
    [Verna (Caden)] questions concerns complaints?
    [Tara] No..
    [Verna (Caden)] anything you need clairified or to add?
    [Verna (Caden)] otherwise thats it for the reading
    [Tara] Is it really just for the week, or is it really over a span of a while?
    [Verna (Caden)] a week
    [Tara] Ok.
    [Verna (Caden)] for the middle of the week
    [Verna (Caden)] basically you try to put yourself ahead of the enimy
    [Verna (Caden)] your still mad but thinking a little clearer day by day
    [Tara] Ok.
    [Verna (Caden)] functioning better i should say
    [Tara] Alright.
    [Verna (Caden)] but instead of seeing red completely you are trying to see them humbled
    [Verna (Caden)] understand the gist of what im saying?
    [Tara] Yes.
    [Verna (Caden)] ok
    [Verna (Caden)] so is there anything you wanna add or ask?
    [Tara] I don't think so.
    [Verna (Caden)] ok then
    [Verna (Caden)] thanks for letting me read ya   
    [Tara] Thanks for doing it   

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