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    Egyptian Horoscope


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    Egyptian Horoscope Empty Egyptian Horoscope

    Post by celestra on Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:49 am

    Egyptian horoscope

    January 1 - January 7 The Nile
    January 8 - January 21 Amon-Ra
    January 22 - January 31 Mout
    February 1 - February 11 Amon-Ra
    February 12 - February 29 Geb
    March 1 - March 10 Osiris
    March 11 - March 31 Isis
    April 1 - April 19 Thoth
    April 20 - May 7 Horus
    May 8 - May 27 Anubis
    May 28 - June 18 Set
    June 19 - June 28 The Nile
    June 29 - July 13 Anubis
    July 14 - July 28 Bastet
    July 29 - August 11 Sekhmet
    August 12 - August 19 Horus
    August 20 - August 31 Geb
    September 1 - September 7 The Nile
    September 8 - September 22 Mout
    September 23 - September 27 Bastet
    September 28 - October 2 Set
    October 3 - October 17 Bastet
    October 18 - October 29 Isis
    October 30 - November 7 Sekhmet
    November 8 - November 17 Thoth
    November 18 - November 26 The Nile
    November 27 - December 18 Osiris
    December 19 - December 31 Isis


    You are blessed. The principal Egyptian God governs your destiny. You are the modle of power and grandeur. You free yourself from all restraints with disconcerting ease. No one can remain insensitive to your presence and wisdom. You often have a prophetic character but, alas, subtlety is sometimes difficult to comprehend. You never give up. Your altruism makes the happiness of others a priority, and sometimes puzzles those on the receiving end, as you expect nothing in return. In you presence, people discover themselves to have hidden talents or vocations. You bring out the best in people. However, to be born under this sign can be both an asset and a handicap. You will need great vigilance and an impeccable moral code. You live life to excess. The light of Amon-Ra shines upon you. Happy are those who cross your path!!

    Colours: Orange (female), and Yellow (male)

    Affinities: Hapi and Horus



    Night bird. You are very receptive to the lunar cycle. Attracted to the underworld, you inspire confidence and detest treason. Your lunar tendencies are apt to make you somewhat unstable. You are your own worst critic. Be kinder to yourself and you'll benefit in strength.

    Colours: Purple (female) and Sienna (male)

    Affinities: Bastet and Isis



    Devoted and generous, you possess magnetism and charisma. You can easily become your own guru. You believe that mental power alone can change heaven and earth. You intrigue and fascinate others. The way you speak and view the world gives the impression that you come from somewhere else. You are sensitive to the frailty of others and you are aware that we are merely passing through on this earth. You have too many tendencies to put yourself second.

    Colours: Grey (female) and Yellow Ochre (male)

    Affinities: Sekhmet and Horus



    Stern and stable. You possess a great sense of organization and practicality. You like things that are concrete and palpable. You inspire confidence and you have the gift of speech and writing. You are the vessel of people's good intentions and good resolutions. Woe to those who do not keep their word. Your anger is terrible. You can be sensitive, supportive and a good confidant. You interest in others is a way of side-stepping your own doubts and sufferings.

    Colours: Reddish-orange (female) and Violet (male)

    Affinities: Seth and Horus



    You have perfect self-control and a high level of creativity. You appreciate intelligence and beauty. You have great sensibilities and are a dreamer-intuitive and tolerant. You enjoy the sharing of knowledge.

    Colours: Blue (female) and red (male)

    Affinities: Amon-Ra and Seth



    You have a clear sense of responsibility and fell that 'he who dares nothing, gains nothing'. Anti-authoritarian, you detest people who succed by conventional means. You always attack people face on. You are your own worst enemy, but your kindness makes you naive. Beware, remain modest and you will rule with wisdom.

    Colours: Gold (female) and Carmine Red (male)

    Affinities: Geb and Bastet


    The eternal lover, you stay calm, bring luck and serenity. Be careful less you are too kind and too generous. Your openness and vulnerability for others can lead to your own loneliness. You are suited to astrology, graphology, psychology...

    Colours: Blue (female) and White (male)

    Affinities: Osiris and Thot



    Difficult to get to know, you like to surround yourself with mystery and love to confuse matters. You are very suspicious and fragile. You possess an artistic soul that makes you impressionable and enigmatic. Contemplative, melancholic, you often think 'why me?', but you can also show that you can be incisive and ironic. A lover of life, very fearful and sentimental, love will make you do the impossible. You go straight to the heart of things without bothering with details. You desire perfect equilibrium.

    Colours: Carmine Red (female) and Brown (male)

    Affinities: Amon-Ra and Thot



    The transmitter of knowledge. You know the answer to every question. You hold the key. You surround yourself with solid people. Know that frivolity will often present itself on you path, but wisdom will always prevail. You are ardent but fragile. You always leave things to the last minute.

    Colour: Green (female) and Yellow (male)

    Affinities: Isis and Thot



    Pride and vanity. You have a high opinion of yourself. You love and respect religions-for they represent the source of humanity. However, you are capable of being cold and calculating. You know your limits. You can show yourself as merciless. No one can stare you down or win an argument. You are rarely wrong. You like originality and take things seriously.

    Colour: Turquoise (female) and Light Green (male)

    Affinities: Bastet and Geb



    The eternal traveller. You create havoc. You face up to anything, but don't follow things through. You are more feared than loved, but you know how to forgive and forget. You only remember good things. Being confident can make you loose touch with reality.

    Colours: Black (female) and Turquoise (male)

    Affinities: Geb and Hapi



    You enjoy goin beyond your own limitations and the whys and wherefores of things. You like to work in peace and quiet. You are self-sacrificing and not afraid to take risks. You are a searcher of truth. Clarivoyant and meditative, your ideas are clear and you have enthusiasm and communicative skills. You despise stinginess and mediocrity. Courageous, you like the fields of medicine and travel.

    Colours: White (female) and pink (male)

    Affinities: Bastet and Isis

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