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    Lue's Reading by Batty

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    Lue's Reading by Batty Empty Lue's Reading by Batty

    Post by Light and Dark on Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:18 am

    12:47 AM [Batty1966] ty
    12:47 AM [Batty1966] while i was wondering around my home saying ur name i heard spirit say oceans apart
    12:48 AM [lue]  well you know that i am in canada
    12:48 AM [Batty1966] yes
    12:48 AM [Batty1966] yes
    12:48 AM [Batty1966] this is something to do with something around u
    12:48 AM [lue] ok
    12:49 AM [Batty1966] they keep saying a distance over water
    12:49 AM [lue] ok
    12:49 AM [lue] there is couple of things
    12:50 AM [Batty1966] Smile  
    12:50 AM [Batty1966] ok being told about foul play..feels like someone has been trying to course that
    12:51 AM [lue] hmm
    12:51 AM [Batty1966] ok old wounds
    12:51 AM [lue] yes that makes sence
    12:51 AM [Batty1966] this is past
    12:51 AM [lue] yes
    12:52 AM [Batty1966] ok i will say it as they tell me i always do.. they say you stepped out from that world
    12:52 AM [lue] yes not sure i should have
    12:53 AM [Batty1966]  sorry they just said u did make a better job than u thought
    12:54 AM [Batty1966] at least u feel alive now they say
    12:54 AM [lue] yes ultimately i know i did
    12:54 AM [lue] yes
    12:55 AM [Batty1966] ok they said u can breathe better,they said its like u dont feel choked anymore
    12:55 AM [lue] yes
    12:55 AM [Batty1966] Smile
    12:55 AM [lue] it was powerful
    12:55 AM [Batty1966] good
    12:55 AM [Batty1966] ok they said to stand your ground
    12:56 AM [Batty1966] u have the strength
    12:56 AM [Batty1966] u need to listen to urself more
    12:56 AM [Batty1966] the comfort comes from within
    12:56 AM [lue] yes
    12:57 AM [Batty1966] peace within urself
    12:57 AM [Batty1966] do u have a young girl around u
    12:57 AM [lue] yes
    12:57 AM [Batty1966] ur child
    12:57 AM [lue] no
    12:58 AM [Batty1966] feels very close
    12:58 AM [lue] neices
    12:58 AM [Batty1966] they are smiling
    12:58 AM [Batty1966] makes u happy
    12:58 AM [lue] yes they do
    12:59 AM [Batty1966] ok they said the light in ur darkness the time u felt lost
    12:59 AM [lue] yes
    1:00 AM [Batty1966] i know this sounds odd,being told u just moved something around
    1:00 AM [Batty1966] something that was out of place is now in its right place
    1:00 AM [lue] yes
    1:00 AM [Batty1966] at least u know
    1:00 AM [lue]  yep
    1:01 AM [Batty1966] u have come a very long way from the person u were at this time last yr
    1:01 AM [lue] yes
    :02 AM [Batty1966] ok they said u have found ur being ur light ur soul
    1:02 AM [Batty1966] ur worth
    1:02 AM [lue] yes starting to
    1:03 AM [Batty1966] they are just confirming for u that u are on the right path this time
    1:03 AM [Batty1966] as u do have doubts because of the past
    1:03 AM [lue] only one
    1:04 AM [Batty1966] this is a good move you make they said
    1:04 AM [Batty1966] being told to say u stood up for you
    1:05 AM [lue] yes faith about heart
    1:05 AM [lue] above
    1:05 AM [Batty1966] ok
    1:06 AM [Batty1966] they are shoing me the colour red
    1:06 AM [Batty1966] showing*
    1:06 AM [Batty1966] in a good way
    1:07 AM [Batty1966] do u wear red ?
    1:07 AM [lue] yes fridays
    1:07 AM [Batty1966] ty they were shoing flows of red around u
    1:07 AM [Batty1966] showing*
    1:08 AM [Batty1966] i knew it feels good..
    1:09 AM [Batty1966] i have a song which does happen some sometimes.. its def leopard and the line im getting is walk this way you and me babes hey hey .. lol
    1:10 AM [Batty1966] i know the song title to its pour some sugar on me
    1:10 AM [lue]  ok
    1:10 AM [Batty1966] ... sugaronme.html
    1:11 AM [lue] yep know it well hehe
    1:11 AM [Batty1966] thats the lyrics just feel u need to read them
    1:11 AM [Batty1966] it came to me i was like not again rofl 
    1:11 AM [Batty1966] anything u wanna ask b4 they leave
    1:12 AM [lue] will my walking away bring a him back wiser more confident ?
    1:13 AM [Batty1966] now that why i heard this..absence makes the heart grow fonder
    1:14 AM [Batty1966] i heard that a while back in the reading ..they told me i couldnt say it until u asked
    1:14 AM [lue] so this is really about me growing storng and him learnign what real love is?
    1:14 AM [Batty1966] yes
    1:15 AM [Batty1966] stand ur ground
    1:15 AM [lue] ok that i can do ty
    1:15 AM [Batty1966] yvw

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