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    Kara's Oracle Card Reading


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    Kara's Oracle Card Reading Empty Kara's Oracle Card Reading

    Post by Batty1966 on Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:37 am

    [V e r n a (Caden)] for the reading to answer
    [V e r n a (Caden)] dont tell me
    [kara] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] just think it
    [V e r n a (Caden)] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] in the past you have been wanting to learn
    [kara] yes
    [V e r n a (Caden)] a thirst for knowledge
    [V e r n a (Caden)] attending classes
    [V e r n a (Caden)] etc
    [kara] yes
    [V e r n a (Caden)] or research
    [V e r n a (Caden)] it is safe to advance
    [V e r n a (Caden)] to open newfound abilities or techniques
    [kara] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] im getting the feeling you are a natural healer
    [V e r n a (Caden)] it is safe for you to have power and move on to fighting darkness as well
    [V e r n a (Caden)] but dont try to move too fast
    [kara] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] try learning to use your mind more than tools and gems
    [V e r n a (Caden)] mediumship
    [V e r n a (Caden)] healing
    [V e r n a (Caden)] empathy
    [V e r n a (Caden)] and reader
    [V e r n a (Caden)] into a powerful clairvoyant
    [kara] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] any Q?
    [kara] i can't think of any question at the moment but i'm sure one will come to me later

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