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    batty1966 Oracle Reading Empty batty1966 Oracle Reading

    Post by kara on Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:45 am

    [V e r n a (Caden)] ok batty think of a question
    [V e r n a (Caden)] but dont type it up for us
    [Batty1966] ok can i just focus on u as i realy dont have a question as such
    [V e r n a (Caden)] ok

    [V e r n a (Caden)] in the past you were working on a goal of some sort yes?
    [V e r n a (Caden)] ok

    [V e r n a (Caden)] in the past you were working on a goal of some sort yes?
    [Batty1966] yes
    [V e r n a (Caden)] spiritual but at the same time somewhat on the physical plane
    [Batty1966] yes
    [V e r n a (Caden)] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] i get a feeling that the divine applauds you for it
    [Batty1966] Smile
    [Batty1966] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] now
    [V e r n a (Caden)] you have a natural bond with nature
    [Batty1966] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] you can extend it even to relationships elementals and what i call "secret spiritual societies"
    [V e r n a (Caden)] those that normally stay hidden from us
    [Batty1966] ok
    [V e r n a (Caden)] the bond is starting to form
    [V e r n a (Caden)] but you could invoke nature into your goals
    [Batty1966] ok Smile
    [V e r n a (Caden)] as this card is particularly called fairies
    [Batty1966] i can relate to wat ur saying
    [V e r n a (Caden)] for the future
    [V e r n a (Caden)] for developement
    [V e r n a (Caden)] requires being able to move past worries
    [Batty1966] yep true
    [V e r n a (Caden)] communication with goddess/god
    [V e r n a (Caden)] have you took a look at lutas goddess petition class?
    [Batty1966] no
    [V e r n a (Caden)] ok i will email to you what i have of that
    [V e r n a (Caden)] well who says it has to be strictly goddess?
    [V e r n a (Caden)] petition to the divine
    [Batty1966] oh i understand that.. ok a higher being yes ok i accept that
    [V e r n a (Caden)] but you are going on the right path
    [Batty1966] ty Very Happy
    [V e r n a (Caden)] feel free to ask for help along it
    [Batty1966] Smile
    [Batty1966] oh i do Wink
    [V e r n a (Caden)] and thats rather short but its what i got   
    [Batty1966] ty
    [V e r n a (Caden)] i probably do better with tarot eh?
    [Batty1966] no its fine ty verna.. thats was wat was needed
    [V e r n a (Caden)] Smile
    [Batty1966] it confirmed my path was right and i knew that..confirmation is good though
    [V e r n a (Caden)] yep

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