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    My birthday and the story behind it....


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    My birthday and the story behind it.... Empty My birthday and the story behind it....

    Post by Siolli on Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:40 am

    My Birthday is Aug. 27,1989 and im now 20 yrs old.
    When i was born about 5 minutes after i FLatlined and was gone for 1 min.
    When i was one i saw a darkfigure that use to scare me n my room by hoverin over my crattle.
    when i was 3 i told my mom i saw a man sittin in our front yard with red eyes and a black jacket and pants with a bad bleedin head...When i was 4 I met sarah for the first time and after 2 yrs baby jedidiah who has now moved on shoewed up... When i turned 6 my dad foundout that i had been hiding my pyro ability cause i was scared of it and scared of makin mom angry cause she thought it had passed me up. At my furst day of elementary i got called a freak and burnt the sittin rug in class at a boys feet who had been the one to pick on me... When i was 7 i meet friends who were a little like me but different than me 2. At age 8 i was settin fires and throwing things to no avail i couldnt stop i had no control.... At age 8 1/2 i burn my brothers hand and my sisters room to flames. Of corse my brother retaliated with his Telekenese by killing my bird larry, who was a cockatoo.
    My life just keep gettin more and more out of wack and i felt so alone all that time.
    My family is highly special...i have both my mother and fathers abilities with a few of my own... Im a freak and im Proud i aint gonna stop bein me until i die and maybe then my kids will take on after me and live the way i am...cause i will always be what i am and no one tells me not to be...
    Take it from someone who knows LIFE it aint over rated and it aint that bad as long as u have fun and life it to the fullest. So remember life for today and look forward to tommorow (Non Kunonyesan)~blood +

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