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    Spirit Guides


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    Spirit Guides Empty Spirit Guides

    Post by blewweyezz on Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:07 am

    Spirit Guides
    A spirit guide is a non-physical entity who protects and guides your way. These are positive entities who are here to help you. Many people are aware that their spirit guides bring them jobs - parking spots - and in general help them develop their goals in life.

    You may not always feel that your spirit guides are protecting you - but when you make the choices about the dramas you chose to play out in your life - spirit can only sit back - watch and wait for a time you will get past your emotional issues and work with them. Spirit guides cannot take away your issues - but they can guide you to sources that will help you overcome them. These usually include doctors and metaphysical/ spiritual healers.

    In times of emergency - you raise your frequency and connect more easily with that which is above - or on higher frequency - which usually includes your spirit guide. Many people have Near Death Experiences and see their guide.

    We all have at least one spirit guide. The number of guides varies form person to person. The average number being five.

    Our connection to our spirit guides is not by chance. If you perceive time as linear - then spirit guides are part of our past lives - here to assist us in this lifetime. If you perceive reality as spiraling loops of consciousness - the slinky effect - then all things are occurring simultaneously - making our spirit guides other aspects of our soul's experience.

    Spirit guides may appear to you psychically as humanoid - as animals, often called power animals - as aliens from a place that you call home - or beings of light. Human entities often appear as Native Americans - Healers (as people seek to heal their issues) - someone from an ancient civilization - or someone you knew - who crossed over.

    Angels are not spirit guides as they come and go and do not remain with just one person. The same is true of ascended masters. These groups of entities can help you if you ask them for guidance - after which they move on. Spirit guides remain with you. There is generally one main spirit guide who never leaves you. This guide talks to you in thought form and imagery all the time - you need only 'tune in' to what he or she is saying.

    Usually your main spirit guide is your polar opposite. We call this the duality of our soul experience in the electromagnetic grid which creates our reality. Soul Mates - Twin Flames Visualize one soul splitting in half. One half remains in the higher realms to guide - while its mirror image - the other half - spirals down into third dimension to experience life in a physical body. Your mission - reunite the two halves.

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